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    Email Fundraising Strategy

    and a Case Study by Third Sector New England

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    "Rather than defaulting to print

    we believe you should default to email and then add print in where it truly makes the most sense"

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    From Print to Email

    Take Your Newsletter on an Epic Journey by Kivi Leroux Miller

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    What's Been Happening

    to Charitable Giving Recently? A Look at the Data by Rosenberg Rooney Steuerle and Toran

  • Statistics
  • In 2012 only 73% of nonprofits allocate half of a full time employee to managing social networking activities.5
  • In 2012 only 43% of nonprofits budget 0 for their social networking activities and they missed many donors.5
  • In 2011 nonprofits added 779 billion (5.4%) to the U.S.’s GDP.1
  • In 2009 nonprofits account for 9% of the U.S. economy’s wages and 10% of its jobs.1
  • Fundraising Ideas
  • Develop Minor Donor Groups
  • Create Affinity Fundraising
  • Hold Super Events3
  • Build Relationships
  • Prioritize Stewardship
  • Recognize Donors
  • Tell Donors Exactly What Their Money Will Do
  • Diversify funding sources4

How do we encourage donors to increase their giving through email campaigns?

  • Know your audience – use different language for different groups. Teens speak differently than older adults.
  • Write from the heart – be authentic. People know when you’re giving a sales pitch. Write what you truly feel.
  • Make it personal – causes that are important to us become important to others because they see how we change.
  • Include specific calls to action2 – let donors know exactly what your nonprofit needs and why.

In 2010, religious organizations received one-third of all private charitable giving1. In 2010, seven percent of adults volunteered on an average day1..