Missio™ Data Resources
Missio™ Data Resources

Missio™ CRM Data Services...

...from your current fundraising solution(s) to CRM Contacts‚ CMS Website Copy‚ Emails and more.

Our data services help reduce the costs and risks of IT initiatives by accelerating data migrations lowering labor expenses, minimizing lease and maintenance overlaps, and virtually eliminating application outages.

Our Data and Analytics help to empower community voice: Utilize data to amplify the voices of those served, and ensure that their perspectives are taken into account when making decisions.

Develop a data-driven culture: Encourage team members to use data to inform decision-making and to develop a culture of learning and continuous improvement.

Measure outcomes: Track progress and outcomes for individuals and families served, and use data to identify areas for improvement.

Leverage data insights: Use data to identify trends, uncover opportunities, and inform strategies for greater impact.

Our Products

Data services offered:

Data Analysis


Missio™ CRM data team works closely with your organization to understand historical data and future data expectations.

Complete Data Migration

Complete Data

Missio™ CRM data experts will migrate all needed data to the Force.com platform.

Address Verification


Compliment your database with address verification services to ensure data integrity.

Data Enhancement


Identify major gift opportunities, data inconsistencies, duplicated records and more with Missio™.


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